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Thank you for visiting our 2011 Second Ward Alderman campaign website.  We ran a hard campaign, a tough campaign, and a fair campaign, and we appreciate everyone that invested in that campaign with their time, money, and moral support.

Friends of Genita C. Robinson

Thank You For Your Support

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Volunteers:

I want to thank everyone for your support of me and this campaign.  We ran a hard campaign.  We ran a tough campaign.  We also ran a fair campaign.

I have no regrets.  We raised a number of issues important to the voters of this ward, and what I enjoyed most about campaigning was the opportunity to meet so many residents and members of the community.  You shared with me your hopes, your criticisms, and your passions, and I am grateful for the time that you took with me and the chance that you took on me.

Thank you for investing in our campaign with your time, your money, and your moral support.

Back in November when I filed my petitions to become a candidate, I said that the 2nd Ward was filled with diverse, hard working individuals that are passionate about their communities.  I believe that to be true more than ever, and I look forward to continuing to meet  more of you in the future.

Thank you.


Punch 51!

Good Morning Chicago! As day breaks, polling locations across the city have been buzzing since 6:00am. Residents across the 2nd Ward have been keeping the polls active, and at the end of the way, we will know whether our efforts paid off.

If you can find the time today, please take 5-10 minutes to call your friends and neighbors in the Ward, and remind them to get out and vote today.

And if you’re not sure about your polling location today, you can find your polling location on the Chicago Board of Elections website, or call us in the office at 312-622-2566. Need a ride to the polls? Call the office today!

News & Events

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Thank you for interest in our campaign.  We are at a crossroads in our city and our nation.  Troubled by the current economic environment and concerned with the increasing number of stories of political corruption, we all want and deserve a government that provides vital services and supports our families as we strive to maintain or attain the American dream.

The 2nd Ward is made of great neighborhoods and diverse, hard working individuals. We share a common wish for all children to receive a quality education, a desire for our economy to turn around, and the need to be able to live free of the fear of crime and violence that pervades our local news.

Now is the time for those with experience to step forward.  I have a track record of working with diverse constituencies in an open, collaborative way to achieve results for everyone. This is the only way we can ensure a strong, safe tomorrow for our ward, our neighborhoods, and our city.  I hope that you will join with me in our effort to lead the 2nd Ward forward into a bright and prosperous future.


Genita Robinson

Chicago Tribune Endorses Genita Robinson!

On a snowy Sunday morning, the Chicago Tribune published their list of endorsements for City Council. The Tribune recognized Genita’s passion, enthusiasm, experience, and most importantly, her fresh approach to leadership in the 2nd Ward.

2nd Ward: Ald. Robert Fioretti is quick with a sound bite and has no shortage of political ambition, but it seems like he has his eye on the next job or the next microphone. Attorney Genita Robinson would bring an independent streak and get-it-done spirit to the ward, and she is endorsed. Robinson was an early architect of the charter schools movement in Chicago Public Schools, giving her a solid grounding in education reform. She has concrete proposals to incorporate citizens into budgeting and planning decisions. Robinson served on the city’s Board of Ethics, which she says gave her insight on how to strengthen the weak links of government oversight. Robinson is enthusiastically endorsed over Fioretti and four other candidates.

You can find our endorsement here.

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Genita!

We couldn’t have said it better than the Sun-Times did, in their endorsement of Genita (Chicago Sun-Times, January 24, 2011, editorial page 27):

…We prefer the smart, reliable and independent voice of a political newcomer, Genita C. Robinson. A lawyer and former senior staff member of the Chicago Public Schools, Robinson would bring her considerable expertise in law and education policy, as well as her reputation for honesty and integrity, to the 2nd Ward and to the council…

Click here to read the entire endorsement.

Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Endorses Genita for the 2nd Ward!

On Wednesday, January 26, we were excited to hear that the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce endorsed Genita C. Robinson here in the 2nd Ward! We are proud to be the only non-incumbent, non-open seat challenger to receive their endorsement!

You can read the Chamber of Commerce endorsement letter here and see the list of all candidates for Alderman that were endorsed here.

For A Better Chicago Endorsement

We were elated to hear that For A Better Chicago PAC has made their endorsement for Genita C. Robinson in the 2nd Ward. You can see their endorsement page here.

About For A Better Chicago PAC:

For A Better Chicago PAC is an issue advocacy organization, working to ensure taxpayers and their families, businesses and the entire city are engaged and educated on the issues shaping the future of Chicago. The next city government must be led by elected officials who will stand up for our issues:

·        Creating schools that put children first.

·        Promoting jobs and businesses that give all Chicagoans a fair shot at a good-paying job.

·        Managing an efficient city government that operates openly, honestly and effectively.

Chicago Dispatcher Endorses Genita!

We were elated to learn that the Chicago Dispatcher endorsed Genita C. Robinson for Alderman! See the endorsement below:

We find Genita Robinson to be thoughtful and considerate of a variety of issues. In responding to our questionnaire, Robinson customized her answers, demonstrating she gave serious thought to our questions, rather than simply checking yes or no. She also has a strong background. She served on the city’s Board of Ethics and was a part of the Chicago Public School staff. Robinson appears open to pro-taxi policies as well, indicating she was ”inclined” to support a ”modest” fare increase, and that she was willing to negotiate in good faith regarding industry issues. Genita Robinson gets our endorsement.

Read our endorsement questionnaire here, and be sure to visit the Chicago Dispatcher website!